And You Were The Hunter

by T E Morris

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Released by Function Records


released June 4, 2013

All songs by T E Morris

Sophie Green - Violin
John Helps - Bass
Amy Raasch - Vocals
Nicole Robson - Cello, Vocals
Adam Weikert - Drums, Double Bass


all rights reserved


Track Name: Bright Spark
Bright Spark, can I tie you down?
Look inside to find what makes you tick.
I spent a summer drawing hands with missing fingers,
And I don't know why.
I met woman who said I'd evolve
But I stayed the same in my heart
If you hurt, I'm sorry but it means it's important

Explain yourself
Explain yourself better
What have I done wrong?

You look at me like I'm a car crash
Thinking that no one is walking away
Track Name: The Long Distance Runner
Don't blame yourself there's enough blood spilled;
Don't cut yourself I need your help.
Hope lead us on, you were always so keen to run ahead.
You lost yourself I needed a savior;
Please bring him home.
God kills all his angels, and my best friends;
My best friends.

I remembered your face;
I remembered your face;
Splinters of time and space.

Hope leads us on;
Hope leads us on.

Don't blame yourself.
Track Name: Provenance
On a perfect day I'm hungry for the past;
In a kind of passionless lust.
In a kind of passionless lust.

Love is whatever we want it to be,
If I'm lying to you, you just bang your head on a wall.

Hopeless for a long time,
For the wrong reasons I was in love.

If I'm a part of you where do you begin?
I'm not here to be walked over,
I'm not here to be walked over.

If memory is my friend why do I not remember him?
I cannot let the past go yet.

Hopeless for a long time,
For the wrong reasons I was in love.
Plans, you had master-plans,
I had a drink in my hands.

Hopeless for a long time,
For the wrong reasons I was in love.
Plans, you had master-plans,
I had a drink in my hands.
Track Name: Cellar Door
You came around drenched in summer heat;
Wine glistening on your lips.

You came to say your goodbyes to anyone who'd listen,
But no one did.
Then you were gone.

Love can be a violent word for anyone it touches,
And you touched me.

I was already drowning when we met, but you swam in anyway.
Just because you were somebody's daughter it didn't mean that I'd care.
But I did, I cared very much.
Track Name: Haven
Into your home, that's where the haven lies.
Between your legs, between the heaven and excess.

Speak to me now in words that only I'll understand.
Emergency in those closing moments of bliss.

It's in your eyes
Track Name: And You Were The Hunter
Someone must know where you are
And someone must want you found
Braver than a lion I'd say
And too much heart for you to bare

You disappeared through growing crowds
Leaving footprints I daren't follow

Help me, help me.
No one can help me

We were animals and they came to hunt us
No one cared or understood
Hang on, hang on
If only we could hang on
Track Name: Memorial Day
Soon it turns to dust in your hands.
Light a candle in the window - through the blizzard, through the night.
Cut the phone cord and turn out the light.
Did you tell your Mother we'd be gone for a while?

Pull me in close while the world sets on fire.
And we are gone in flash of light.
Track Name: Aliana
Wherever you had to be there was nothing you could feel;
To drink yourself to sleep at night and let the blood flow away.
I will catch the sun to light your pale face;
You never found the warmth you needed you never found your place.

The dreams of death you had, the stupid books you read;
Aliana broke her promise, Aliana crashed.
She travelled here through time, I'm sure she came from space;
Floating through my life with purpose, floating through with grace.
Track Name: Hopeless
I roamed hills like a dragon,
And I was scared for a while.
Hopelessly in love with an idea,
Hopelessly in love with a woman.

And if memory serves me correctly,
I got drunk until I could not stand
And now I just have the ramblings of a mad man to keep me company
Track Name: I Was The Last One
Happiness is waiting for you at the end of your life,
And I'm all that stands in your way.
Break down in the rain, just like in the film we wish our lives were about;
But they're not and we have our own path.

When we threw our clothes onto the floor in a heap and explored like we were the first people.
And we made love that night like it was the last time;
and maybe it was.
You sank into the ground and disappeared into the earth.
And I was the last one.
Track Name: After The War Ends
It's not a weight you're under it's an ideal;
And I cannot be the one to pretend that what you've done is right.

Break apart at the edge of all i believe,
Pushing words into my mouth until I'm sick over my feet.
I grow tired. Tired of calling your name.
It's like a winter; a winter that never ends.
And it grows in me like a disease.

After the war ends I'll be your writer.
And if you ride me like a horse, do you break me like a horse?
I'm not sleeping, I'm not sleeping, I'm not dreaming.
But when I do, I'll become a bird.

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