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by T E Morris

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Carsten Pieper
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Carsten Pieper As T E Morris' equipment is LOST, well, stolen in fact, let's support him by buying his stuff. As with Her Name Is Calla the music is always great, anyway, so I should have gotten this much earlier... Favorite track: Lost.
Dr. Beaf
Dr. Beaf thumbnail
Dr. Beaf There's something fiercely raw about this album and it's all down to well practiced single takes of mercilessly acoustic tracks recorded deeply in reverb. Purely engrossing. Favorite track: Frontier.
Przemysław Bartkowski
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Przemysław Bartkowski płyta, na którą długo czekałem, piękna przejmująca i jeszcze raz piękna Favorite track: Lost.
wonderdog thumbnail
wonderdog It's AURAL PERFECTION, that's what this is! Another one straight into my top ten for the year. I want to totally immerse myself in it.
Crystallising like everyone else But my brain still fires like an electrical storm I’m always at a loss for words with you Terrible truths from terrible men Am i a terrible man? I broke so many promises I broke so many promises Where am I now? Where am I now? It's too late, strange one There was no holy ghost And I lost the trail amongst the cedars There was no holy ghost No voice, no beacon Lower your voice so i can hear your heartbeat
Lost 05:24
Drag that deer home The moon pulls at my skin This town is going down, down, down, down Lost like childhood I hope you'll do better I hope you understand why I'm lost, lost, lost, lost, lost I miss the plans I miss the pains
Another time, another place, another life Climb a ladder up into the sky If there's still an invitation of course Wrap your legs around my waist And kiss me all over my face You're a treasure, you're a saint I could never forget that sound Of the storm shaking the ground And your hair blowing in the wind I was broken, I was bleeding, I was blind And I was drunk all of the time But you wouldn't see what I saw You refused to see what I saw
Frontier 05:57
Broken arrow Fire on the frontier We are never going to be relieved I was scared for your safety I’ve always been scared for you As you throw yourself into every war We were kissing in a forest We were making love on a train We were melting into each other like snowflakes Broken arrow Fire on the frontier We are never going to be released Time will make your heart stop beating Time will bring you back to me Time will make us wrestle with our futures Love will bring you back to me
Tūndâr 06:00
Aether 04:37
Go where the wind goes Above where your voice rings Gather your horses And into the aether Love won't come into this But it's here if you need to come home I'll watch as the flash fades Years behind weathered skies From here, and from the ground up And into the aether
Astronaut 03:02
I thought I'd be calmer here And have a purpose But I’m more confused now than I ever was All I want is to come home Bring me back to Earth Where the air is so unclean But I have friends there All I want is to come home I dreamt I took off all of my clothes And floated for years and years You’d hate how I’ve let myself go It’s so quiet here, but I can’t hear my thoughts All I want is to come home
Your life on camera at a hundred miles an hour Fearless and content You were empty like holes in my head My heart in your hands You are my past Lift me higher then higher Release me or set me on fire Let me go, let me go Let me breath, let me see your face Your life in pictures You're just as scared as me All things must end With my ghosts I also fell My heart in your hands You are my past Lift me higher then higher Release me or set me on fire Bring me to where you are Bring me to where you are
I grew to be a part of a problem That I caused and could cure all the same We made mountains out of molehills And you cursed them all with my name You lied to yourself daily I watched you become skinny and pale Home was a place you could be inward And I could crawl out of my shell I broke into pieces like a mirror Shards went under your skin You kept them there as a warning And skin grows over them still If ever you think that you want me If you think with me is better than alone Remember what we had was for a moment Now I'm gone I am gone I am gone


The third solo album by T E Morris of Her Name is Calla. Returning to the lofi, live, single-take approach of the debut album We Were Animals.


released March 3, 2015


all rights reserved



T E Morris Leeds, UK

Ex-Her Name is Calla songwriter.

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